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People Icons for Windows 7/Vista

People Icons

Image variants: with shadow, without shadow
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 359
Price: $49 / 39 EUR
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People Icon People SH Icon Boss Icon Boss SH Icon Chief Icon Chief SH Icon Engineer Icon Engineer SH Icon User Icon User SH Icon Users Icon Users SH Icon User Group Icon User Group SH Icon Add Users Icon Add Users SH Icon Check User Icon Check User SH Icon User Info Icon User Info SH Icon Remove User Icon Remove User SH Icon Conference Icon Conference SH Icon Meeting Icon Meeting SH Icon Large Group Icon Large Group SH Icon Party Icon Party SH Icon Festival Icon Festival SH Icon Female Profile Icon Female Profile SH Icon Agent Icon Agent SH Icon Client Icon Client SH Icon Client List Icon Client List SH Icon Clients Icon Clients SH Icon Client Group Icon Client Group SH Icon Customers Icon Customers SH Icon Staff Icon Staff SH Icon Official Icon Official SH Icon Captain Icon Captain SH Icon Army Officer Icon Army Officer SH Icon Soldier Icon Soldier SH Icon Soldiers Icon Soldiers SH Icon Fireman Icon Fireman SH Icon Policeman Icon Policeman SH Icon Police Officer Icon Police Officer SH Icon Judge Icon Judge SH Icon Themis Icon Themis SH Icon Hacker Icon Hacker SH Icon Security Icon Security SH Icon Editor Icon Editor SH Icon Copywriter Icon Copywriter SH Icon Detective Icon Detective SH Icon Einstein Icon Einstein SH Icon Scientist Icon Scientist SH Icon Professor Icon Professor SH Icon Historian Icon Historian SH Icon Lecturer Icon Lecturer SH Icon Teacher Icon Teacher SH Icon Student Icon Student SH Icon Worker Icon Worker SH Icon Workers Icon Workers SH Icon Builder Icon Builder SH Icon Motor Mechanic Icon Motor Mechanic SH Icon Cleaner Icon Cleaner SH Icon Driver Icon Driver SH Icon Pilot Icon Pilot SH Icon Air Traffic Controller Icon Air Traffic Controller SH Icon Astronaut Icon Astronaut SH Icon Doctor Icon Doctor SH Icon Physician Icon Physician SH Icon Stomatologist Icon Stomatologist SH Icon Dentist Icon Dentist SH Icon Surgeon Icon Surgeon SH Icon
Hospital Nurse Icon Hospital Nurse SH Icon Optometrist Icon Optometrist SH Icon Immunologist Icon Immunologist SH Icon Cardiologist Icon Cardiologist SH Icon Computer Doctor Icon Computer Doctor SH Icon Druggist Icon Druggist SH Icon Search Nurse Icon Search Nurse SH Icon Doctor Info Icon Doctor Info SH Icon Doctor Appointment Icon Doctor Appointment SH Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Psychoanalyst SH Icon Psychologist Icon Psychologist SH Icon Receptionist Icon Receptionist SH Icon Waitress Icon Waitress SH Icon Market Woman Icon Market Woman SH Icon Pizza Man Icon Pizza Man SH Icon Japanese Cook Icon Japanese Cook SH Icon Chinese Cook Icon Chinese Cook SH Icon Barber Icon Barber SH Icon Geisha Icon Geisha SH Icon Marketer Icon Marketer SH Icon Appointment Icon Appointment SH Icon Auditor Icon Auditor SH Icon Publicity Agent Icon Publicity Agent SH Icon Car Salesman Icon Car Salesman SH Icon Secretary Icon Secretary SH Icon Accountant Icon Accountant SH Icon Personal Loan Icon Personal Loan SH Icon Financier Icon Financier SH Icon Businessman Icon Businessman SH Icon Book-Keeper Icon Book-Keeper SH Icon Notary Icon Notary SH Icon Lawyer Icon Lawyer SH Icon Postman Icon Postman SH Icon Realtor Icon Realtor SH Icon Mexican Salesman Icon Mexican Salesman SH Icon Religious Figure Icon Religious Figure SH Icon Global Manager Icon Global Manager SH Icon Cowboy Icon Cowboy SH Icon Hunter Icon Hunter SH Icon Farmer Icon Farmer SH Icon Electrician Icon Electrician SH Icon Agronomist Icon Agronomist SH Icon Decorator Icon Decorator SH Icon Singer Icon Singer SH Icon Web Designer Icon Web Designer SH Icon Graphic Designer Icon Graphic Designer SH Icon Admin Icon Admin SH Icon Programmer Icon Programmer SH Icon Computer Administrator Icon Computer Administrator SH Icon Network Administrator Icon Network Administrator SH Icon Writer Icon Writer SH Icon Photographer Icon Photographer SH Icon Painter Icon Painter SH Icon Sculptor Icon Sculptor SH Icon King Icon King SH Icon Queen Icon Queen SH Icon Fool Icon Fool SH Icon Wizard Icon Wizard SH Icon Santa Claus Icon Santa Claus SH Icon Footballer Icon Footballer SH Icon
Jockey Icon Jockey SH Icon Retiree Icon Retiree SH Icon Key Keeper Icon Key Keeper SH Icon Spy Icon Spy SH Icon Ninja Icon Ninja SH Icon Unemployed Icon Unemployed SH Icon Thief Icon Thief SH Icon Hitman Icon Hitman SH Icon Prisoner Icon Prisoner SH Icon Pirate Icon Pirate SH Icon Pirates Icon Pirates SH Icon Woman Icon Woman SH Icon Women Icon Women SH Icon Blonde Icon Blonde SH Icon Female Icon Female SH Icon Man Icon Man SH Icon Men Icon Men SH Icon Girl Icon Girl SH Icon Boy Icon Boy SH Icon Children Icon Children SH Icon Family Icon Family SH Icon Pregnancy Icon Pregnancy SH Icon Green User Icon Green User SH Icon Baby Icon Baby SH Icon Tourist Icon Tourist SH Icon Hiker Icon Hiker SH Icon Coffee Break Icon Coffee Break SH Icon Mexican Icon Mexican SH Icon American Indian Icon American Indian SH Icon Afro-American Icon Afro-American SH Icon Arab Icon Arab SH Icon Uncle Sam Icon Uncle Sam SH Icon Barbarian Icon Barbarian SH Icon Knight Icon Knight SH Icon Superman Icon Superman SH Icon Batman Icon Batman SH Icon Clever Monkey Icon Clever Monkey SH Icon Angel Icon Angel SH Icon Devil Icon Devil SH Icon Alien Icon Alien SH Icon Mummy Icon Mummy SH Icon Orc Icon Orc SH Icon Playboy Icon Playboy SH Icon Skull Icon Skull SH Icon Death Icon Death SH Icon Anatomy Icon Anatomy SH Icon Sculpture Icon Sculpture SH Icon Linux Penguin Icon Linux Penguin SH Icon FreeBSD Icon FreeBSD SH Icon Robot Icon Robot SH Icon Login Icon Login SH Icon Logout Icon Logout SH Icon People Contact Icon People Contact SH Icon People Contacts Icon People Contacts SH Icon People Online Icon People Online SH Icon Handshake Icon Handshake SH Icon Bad Mark Icon Good Mark Icon OK Icon Palm Icon Fingers Icon Petition Icon Index Icon

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Stock Icons - Suitable for Windows Version!

At present, numbers of computer users are searching business related icons through which they can represent their profession easily. Also, there are so many websites owners are searching the best and cool designs icons for using in their websites. Whether you want to use the best and professional design icons or look for those icons which have professionally designed to use in favor professional work, the stock icons are the right option for you. Keep in mind that stock icons are the collections of eye-catching and unique design of Windows icons through which users are using these icons in toolbars, and menus. These sorts of stock icons are available in excellent icon packages at online. Also, these stock icons are available in single. So, you have the dual options to download the stock icons on your computer. Moreover, you can get the option to download the custom designed icons for Windows and Web from these stock icons packages.

Basic Stock Icons are good solution for helping the developers and web designers pros speed Design process, and priced to go with any kind of budget. Basic Stock Icons 110 royalty stock icons for the use in Web or Software project at price to go with any budget.

Basic Stock Icons features:
- Color formats: 32bits with the alpha channel, 8bits (256 colors).
- Sizes: 32x32, 24x24, 48x48, 16x16 Pixels.
- Icons: 110 icons.
- Format of the files: GIF, TIFF, ICO, PNG, BMP.
You can download free Basic Stock Icons now. The richly colored images also compose some basic icons that are been used in a lot of programs (save file, open file, OK, refresh, image, dollar, install, and many more). Definitely, more stylish and representative software is, more the people want to be acquainted with that. The distinctive icons also give the additional polish to sites underlining developer's good taste.

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