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Network Icon Library is a collection of distinctive icons designed in the Windows 7 style that represents all operations and concepts related to networks. Each networking icon is drawn in two versions: with and without shadow. The collection includes such icons as: network card, cable, network hub, wireless connection, network engineer, network security, administrator and many others. Available now for only $49.95.

Your purchase gets you 185 network icons in all standard sizes, color depths, styles, and file formats. Translucent True Color Windows XP images are complemented with 8-bit, 256-color formats. Each icon comes in resolutions of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and is available in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. All icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats.

Network Icon states and sizes

Small Network Icons

Network connection icons
Network connection
Access network icons
Access network
Network key icons
Network key
Network support icons
Network support
Network tool icons
Network tool
Network tools icons
Network tools
Network computer icons
Network computer
Network group icons
Network group
Network printer icons
Network printer
Global network icons
Global network
Network files icons
Network files
Network folder icons
Network folder
Connect network icons
Connect network
Disconnect network icons
Disconnect network
Network data icons
Network data
Network ID icons
Network ID
Network certificate icons
Network certificate
Network status icons
Network status
Network server icons
Network server
Data transfer icons
Data transfer
Traffic icons
Repair connection icons
Repair connection
Network connections icons
Network connections
Local area connection icons
Local area connection
Cell network connection icons
Cell network connection
Satellite connection icons
Satellite connection
Phone connection icons
Phone connection
Lost communi- cations icons
Lost communi- cations
Wireless connection icons
Wireless connection
Network hub icons
Network hub
Broken connection icons
Broken connection
Disaster warning icons
Disaster warning
Network problem icons
Network problem
Sniffer icons
Secured network icons
Secured network
User icons
Users icons
User group icons
User group
Add users icons
Add users
Remove user icons
Remove user
Check user icons
Check user
User info icons
User info
User login icons
User login
User logout icons
User logout
Meeting icons
Agent icons
Client list icons
Client list
Admin icons
Network administrator icons
Network administrator
Network security icons
Network security
Police officer icons
Police officer
Network engineer icons
Network engineer
Key keeper icons
Key keeper
Pirate icons
Spy icons
Hacker icons
Visual commu- nication icons
Visual commu- nication
Visual connection icons
Visual connection
Data trans- mission icons
Data trans- mission
Locked users icons
Locked users
People online icons
People online
People contact icons
People contact
People contacts icons
People contacts
Online icons
Offline icons
Smile icons
Depression icons
Sharing icons
Folder sharing icons
Folder sharing
File sharing icons
File sharing
Properties icons
Activity reports icons
Activity reports
Remote access icons
Remote access
Internet icons
Intranet icons
Client network icons
Client network
Home network icons
Home network
Fire wall icons
Fire wall
Shield icons
Search computer icons
Search computer
Chain icons
Chain link icons
Chain link
Broken chain icons
Broken chain
Handshake icons
Wireless icons
Wi-Fi icons
Radio transmitter icons
Radio transmitter
Wireless modem icons
Wireless modem
Fast internet icons
Fast internet
Modem icons
Network controller icons
Network controller
Chip icons
Network card icons
Network card
Uninstall icons
Keyboard icons
Monitor icons
Computer icons
Server icons
Data server icons
Data server
FTP icons
HTTP server icons
HTTP server
DNS icons
MAIL server icons
MAIL server
SMTP server icons
SMTP server
POP server icons
POP server
POP3 server icons
POP3 server
IMAP server icons
IMAP server
Login form icons
Login form
Login icons
Card terminal icons
Card terminal
Lock icons
Unlock icons
Open lock icons
Open lock
Access key icons
Access key
Access denied icons
Access denied
Keys icons
Internet access icons
Internet access
Mail icons
Read message icons
Read message
Send mail icons
Send mail
Receive mail icons
Receive mail
Send message icons
Send message
Get message icons
Get message
Messages icons
Write e-mail icons
Write e-mail
Attach icons
Protection icons
Cable icons
Data icons
No data icons
No data
Network structure icons
Network structure
Webcam icons
Web-camera icons
Upload to phone icons
Upload to phone
Download icons
Upload icons
PC-Web synchro- nization icons
PC-Web synchro- nization
PC-PDA synchro- nization icons
PC-PDA synchro- nization
Refresh information icons
Refresh information
Schedule icons
Update icons
Scheduled icons
Recycle bin icons
Recycle bin
Full recycle bin icons
Full recycle bin
Search icons
Apply icons
Question icons
Info icons
About icons
Delete icons
Problem icons
Abort icons
Turn off icons
Turn off
Disaster icons
Repair icons
Bluetooth symbol icons
Bluetooth symbol
Bluetooth icons
USB connection icons
USB connection
Silver USB connection icons
Silver USB connection
Settings icons
Options icons
Tools icons
Gear icons
Red gear icons
Red gear
Binary data icons
Binary data
List icons
Text data icons
Text data
Reports icons
Save file icons
Save file
Printer icons
Phone icons
Folder icons
Database icons
SQL icons
SQL server icons
SQL server
ID icons
Certificate icons
Power icons
Battery icons
Energy icons
Linux penguin icons
Linux penguin
FreeBSD icons
Robot icons
Web icons
Home page icons
Home page
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Do you want to turn your preferred images into web graphics?

A lot of folks do not like to use ready to use pictorial depictions that are freely sold on the internet.

A lot of people are averse to the idea of using commercial icons that are freely offered online; they want to create icons from photographs that they like; so, given below are crucial pieces of information on how you can turn your pictures into pictorial depictions.

It is not unusual to find pictorial depictions just about anywhere on the internet; the icons lend a semblance of aesthetic appeal and panache to your online establishment, emails and even social media messages . You are also able to use a photo icon on your personal cards or make it a part of your mail tags so that your correspondence seems personal. Creating a pictorial depiction is surprisingly straight forward and requires just the absolute beginner level experience of photo editing. If you have not considered turning your photographs into pictorial depictions as yet; here is some information about how you can accomplish the process with considerable ease and in the least possible time.

The first step is to get an efficacious image editing application; these are can be bought from a plethora of sites for for a small price. Take a look at the pictures that you prefer to transform into web graphics and ensure that these photographs are in a image format that can be simply demarcated from the other files. The basic design of the icon will help users to establish its identity soon. If the photograph has not been shot by you, ensure that you get the appropriate permission before putting it to use.

With the photograph ready, open it in a well known image file format such as DNG, PNG or JPG with the assistance of your selected icon creating tool. You will need to change the file settings of the image. To begin with, adjust the resolution to 72 DPI; this is the general resolution included exclusively in digital and internet related graphics. On the other hand, if you think that the pictorial depiction will be used in print media, change the image resolution at 300 DPI, you could make other necessary changes after the first few steps have been completed.

Use the crop tool to modify the pixels to meet your expectations of a suitable photo icon. Generally, a square format is used for icon creation and the size range is in the vicinity of 50X50 to 300x300 pixels. For example, if you elect to use the icon as your as an avatar on social networking sites, you should downsize it to 50x50 pixels which is the ideal size of avatar usage

To curtail the photograph, you will have to use the mouse button and take the tool over the picture and choose the portion that you want to change into your icon. It is recommended that you choose an area that can be identifiable even at a small size.

Make use of the 'save for web' setting or any other settings that produce the same results; included in the icon creator. You will need to ensure that the color settings used by you are suitable such as 8 bit, which is the normal web color setting. It will be best to save the icon at the highest quality because of its small size; this will not have a bearing on the upload time.

You will need to save the icon in JPG, PNG or GIF because these are the most commonly used formats on the internet and in image development tools. Now, simply upload the image to your website or to a social site and you will be good to go. As opposed to this, you can just keep the image in the archive folder so that it can be used in the future. As you must have noticed, turning your favorite image into a pictorial depiction is not particularly taxing, so get ready to have a lot of fun with your chosen photographs.

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