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These online icons will come in handy for creating web sites. Make your online pages shine with fine icons. Get this bargain for only $49.95.

Your purchase gets you 77 online icons in all standard sizes, color depths, styles, and file formats. Translucent True Color Windows XP images are complemented with 8-bit, 256-color formats. Each icon comes in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and is available in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. All icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats.

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Small Online Icons

Online icons
Globe icons
Site map icons
Site map
Web page icons
Web page
Edit page icons
Edit page
Search text icons
Search text
Find text icons
Find text
Check page icons
Check page
Add page icons
Add page
Remove page icons
Remove page
Restricted page icons
Restricted page
Lock page icons
Lock page
Home page icons
Home page
Edit icons
Search icons
Print icons
Mail icons
Read mail icons
Read mail
Comment icons
Edit comment icons
Edit comment
Add comment icons
Add comment
Remove comment icons
Remove comment
User comment icons
User comment
Sound icons
No sound icons
No sound
Sound volume icons
Sound volume
Music icons
Music note icons
Music note
Download music icons
Download music
Download data icons
Download data
Search folder icons
Search folder
Add folder icons
Add folder
Delete folder icons
Delete folder
Hierarchy icons
User icons
User group icons
User group
User contact icons
User contact
Authorize icons
Add user icons
Add user
Delete user icons
Delete user
Login icons
Logout icons
Download icons
Upload icons
Visa credit card icons
Visa credit card
Maestro credit card icons
Maestro credit card
Credit card icons
Credit card
Credit cards icons
Credit cards
Buyer bag icons
Buyer bag
Buyer bag v2 icons
Buyer bag v2
Buy item icons
Buy item
Delete item icons
Delete item
Shopping cart icons
Shopping cart
Check out cart icons
Check out cart
Check out bag icons
Check out bag
Check out bag v2 icons
Check out bag v2
Check out bag v3 icons
Check out bag v3
Check out item icons
Check out item
Pie chart icons
Pie chart
Bar chart icons
Bar chart
House icons
Add icons
Remove icons
Delete icons
Apply icons
Key icons
Lock icons
Delivery icons
No entry icons
No entry
Forbidden icons
Cancel icons
Heart icons
Favourites icons
Dollar icons
E-mail icons
Question icons
Compass icons
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How a free icon editor is used to represent self owned culture and self interests

Free icon editor does not only provide an option for modifying the existing images but also gives a range of making new animations or icons for websites, games soft wares, decorating personal desktop and managing it as a side business by using creativity of mind. There are numerous companies that are there to buy your work.

The people making it as a side business can surely be said as web designers. There are websites that change you for giving a format to your website systematically but on the contrast the use of free icon editor can surely make you become an economical person and use your creativity for the side business. There are tips and list of guidelines that are available for the using methods and strategies of these icon editors. Whereas it may vary in pixels by making it at lox pixels you ca make low or small images where as high pixels are needed for large frames of icons. A self created image on free icon editor can have more milky brightness, shine, smashing religious festivals, valentine feelings, yummy flavors and self socialization and even birdies and pets can be added according to your own willingness. The major difference between free icon editor and other ready made icons is besides being economical they represent self you whereas the ready made cannot give you a freedom to represent your own self.

When there is an option about free icon editor then you may surely make such websites which may increase your religion and culture. The ready made icons lack these things due to professional guidance. as many people have to buy the set of icons and they may belong from different religions and cultures due to which It is not feasible for professional companies to make such icons which may create offence or business loss to the organization but free icon editor provides you with an option to make religious as well as art work on it, this may be called as representation of yourself. These are used in modern day life that people are adopting new ways to enhance their culture and socialism. Why the universe is becoming so global is because of internet, all people are using the same products of same quality but self creation can surely represent difference of culture and variation. It can act as both converter and maker. For example if you want to make a website of your personal interest then you can add personal icons in it with your religion, your society, your name and your favorite signs where as in professional icons there is not much flexibility to introduce your own self. An international business requires sophisticated terms and conditions for publishing icons on to their websites. But always try that while using any image online for international viewers never use it for hurting someone feelings by making a scar tic attitude towards anyone else religion or culture. Try to present love with your icons. This may surely help in increasing the traffic towards your site.

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Individual Ready Icons

You can get individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1.00 when purchased individually.

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