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Quality eye-catching icons play a crucial role in creating any software product's image. An icon is the first thing a user sees to start an application: the message this icon conveys may be very important. Get the set for $49.95.

Your purchase gets you 145 phone icons in all standard sizes, color depths, styles, and file formats. Translucent True Color icon images are complemented with 8-bit, 256-color formats. Each phone icon comes in resolutions of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and is available in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. All phone icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats.

Phone Icon states and sizes

Small Phone Icons

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Redial icons
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Phone icons
Telephone icons
Phone number icons
Phone number
Desktop apparatus icons
Desktop apparatus
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Mobile phone
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Upload to phone
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Cell phone icons
Cell phone
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Cell phones
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Portable radio transmitter
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Phone with modem
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Fax configuration
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Incoming call
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Internet connection
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Use of Doctor Icons in Merchandizing Products, Hospitals, Personal Clinics and Health Tips

Any website can be made with professional looks by using medical icons, what is available there on the website with prospect of ointment, injections etc and health tips all can be represented by icons whereas hospitals and clinic can make their own website for advertisement and source of communication by using these doctor icons.

A hospital is consisting upon many sectors such as cardiology, dentist, eye specialist, lungs, kidneys etc; even a hospital may be having cafeteria and many more things in it. An official website of that hospital may buy a set of doctor icons from an internet site and let it go one the official website so that each description will become clearer with an n image. This procedure helps in recognition of the website and more searches are possible. These doctor icons are available in differing sizes, graphics, costs, and support program for example different for xp windows and different for vista windows. There are perfect doctor icons and the other is medical icons in the category of this type. Perfect doctor icons may include a list of equipments and facilities that can prevail inside a hospital.

The persons who are involve in merchandizing of these products such as surgery equipments and other things can also become an open buyer of doctor icons for their website. The uses are diversified but there are certain merits of a good icon that it should be very clear because sometimes a patient is serious and he has to rely on icon and search ward accordingly so for this reason any ambiguity can cause life risk. There are certain labs on road that can be shown on travel icons as well and further travel icons hospitals can sub divided into labs and wards according to the importance. For example exploring hospitals through travel map needs that a travel icon should be large and medical icon should be smaller than it as it is its sub category so for this reason it is important that graphic designing of the website best accomplish the use of these doctor icons. There are different volume and rulings of these graphical icons that further be explained by animation. Optometry, health tips, medical stationary, medicines such as antibiotics, injections and vaccines, and dentistry all can be shown by doctor icons.

Further more a person running a hospitals of pet can also find his way towards. Medical icon sets are used for testing and labs or experiment based things. These are mostly used while making websites of chemicals and their reactions or lab experimentation. There are hot, normal and disabled icons also that can change the effect of intensity in a page. Disabled are shadow images that are mostly used when less important things has to be mentioned or some logo making act takes place whereas hot resolution presents a doctor icons in a page that is considered most important on that page. More information and buying for international buyers as well as domestic buyers is further given in detail at

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Individual Ready Icons

You can get individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

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Icon Small Network Icons pack brings you a variety of network and administration related icons in typical toolbar sizes and three states (normal, disabled and highlighted).

Icon If you want to enhance your desktop in minutes, choose our Hardware Icon Library. It holds the icons for all commonly used tools and devices.

Icon Perfect Telecom Icons pack provides you variety of icons in four file formats, three states, five sizes and two color schemes.

Icon Perfect Mobile Icons bring you a large number of quality graphics for a reasonable price. A free demo is available online.

Icon Phone Icon Library provides everything your phone application needs to keep all the recent calls and messages organized. Smooth edges and various fie formats make it suitable for almost any project.